Welcome to the demonstration site of the ammonet Gallery,
our antiquarian sales web site content management system.

This system has been designed specifically for members of the antiquarian and art trades - for the sale of ceramics, engravings, paintings, coins, antiques, ethnic artifacts, stamps, jewellery and all other objects of beauty that are enhanced by attractive visual display.

The web site you see before you was constructed and is maintained via a simple, browser-based administration tool.
  No knowledge of html or programming is required.
  Pages can be added, edited and deleted by clicking buttons and typing into text fields.
Within pages, you can add text and image combinations in a variety of proportions, all in real time.
Images can be uploaded and optimised easily using ammonet Imageserv or directly from your local image management system.
Page layout can be varied simply and consistently, and yet customised to give your web site your own unique look and feel.
An auto-gallery tool allows you to generate multiple pages of image displays at the click of a button.
Any email address typed into the site is automatically obfuscated so that it cannot be harvested by spammers.

Explore our sample gallery pages to see what they can do for you.
Thumbnail images with descriptions and prices allow a fast browse of items on offer.
Large popup images provide a detailed view of the item for sale.
Clicking the Buy / Enquire button allows the buyer to make direct contact with you.
It's simple to add a link to your eBay auction for any specific item - more for eBay sellers.
No spurious shipping cost calculations - you, as the seller, simply respond to the enquiry email with details of availability, shipping and insurance options, and payment options.
If you process credit cards in your bricks and mortar shop, your customers can transmit their credit card details to you using the
ammonet Secure card data system.

Look at the site layout.
Note that the page URLs are characteristic of static html pages and can be indexed easily by search engines - this despite that fact that this web site is database-driven.
The banner that you see at the head of the page is a proportional banner - the component images slide over one another so that your web site neatly fits any browser dimensions. We will be happy to design such a banner according to your wishes.
In fact, the entire layout is proportional - no more wasteful empty space on your web pages.
The navigation bar to the left with its main links and sublinks is regenerated automatically whenever you add a new page. Mouse-over and link-selected colours can be customised easily - like all colours on the site.
Pages do not have to be linked to the navigation bar - you can set up private pages for specific customers.
You can link from the navigation bar to pages on other web sites. By default, these external pages open in a new window.

Order your web site now!
Register a .com domain name with us for $10 per year.
Describe the
ammonet Gallery style and banner design you would like and ask us for a price quotation.
Monthly hosting fee is only $25, paid quarterly.
ammonet ImageServ and ammonet Secure card data system are included free.